Fallen splendour

  That time when Sal turns yellow To match the blaze of the sun As the tension in the nerves mellow I feel the warmth at morning ten. Sal likes to bare it all To make way for the arriving leaves Carpets the ground with each fall As slowly as the spider weaves. Walking along … Continue reading Fallen splendour


The spirit of sand.

Big jar of strength, Unimaginable tenacity, Hardcore resilience, Fervent sentiments, Mix them up in containers Of different shapes and sizes; Let the heat engulf it warm it up and bake it, Occasionally, roast and burn it too. Spice it all up proportionally, with Diabolical survival strategies, Few drops of shrewd cunning, added To a pinch … Continue reading The spirit of sand.


Initial days it appeared to be fine, Painful after effects were minor; As the dosage increased, It left a trail of mental agony and tears; Rehabilitation efforts proved pointless; But the aftermath of the dosage was curtailed, With proven benefits of joy and serenity; The addiction was still there No more an addiction, but a … Continue reading Addiction

Merciless, but benevolent; Tantalising, but charismatic; Perilous, but alluring; I felt her pulse, Calm and intense! I am unable to comprehend My orientation of it, to a woman Is it the well-fitting pride? Or, the fiery stoic nature? Maybe, the majestic curves? Probably, all of these! The time I spent with her was ephemeral, But … Continue reading