A being.

Nature is not cruel. Struggle for existence is true, And there survival of the fittest is too. And, Nature always grabs the hand That above all, makes a stand Out of the many, one creature, Shows a surviving new feature In the form of a will, A will that you can instill To adapt. To … Continue reading A being.

Weakness identified.

Love is my weakness Thank heavens! It has such rare occurrence. But, when it is being wielded, Pushing me down on my knees Hoping to keep a check on my sanity, Feeling of being under disease Desperately holding on to my vanity. Trying to conquer it, I always let myself be conquered!


Staring at the white space. Contemplating, To be filled Or to be left empty. As I’m about to try my hand, Volunteers volunteer. A writer attempts to scribble, Ink. Removable . A sketcher starts with pencil, Lead. Erasable. A painter uses his paintbrush, Paint. Washable. Ink, nah. Lead, nah. Paint,nah. Who’s next? Amused, still contemplating. … Continue reading Blank.