Merciless, but benevolent; Tantalising, but charismatic; Perilous, but alluring; I felt her pulse, Calm and intense! I am unable to comprehend My orientation of it, to a woman Is it the well-fitting pride? Or, the fiery stoic nature? Maybe, the majestic curves? Probably, all of these! The time I spent with her was ephemeral, But … Continue reading



As the cold night gets on my nerves I squeeze the air with my fingers and toes Ready to embrace even my distant foes Due to the chillness pricking like thorns of rose. Suddenly an idea changes my path Leading me to the bathroom for a bath As the hot water rushes forth My milieu … Continue reading Ablution.


I saw them ganging up, They were black and highly charged. The western horizon seemed indignant, Almost expressing mockery for basking. Steadily they were approaching, Made me take a moment and, Feel the awe and fear. After a few minutes of dead stillness, I heard one drop on the roof top. Probably the last distinguishable … Continue reading Showered.