As it penetrated.

The part that is deep and under; resting on most days but, troubling on a few. I pull it out,with strain  and lay it naked in the open force it look up to him as he looks upon it he warms it, caresses it, feeds it hazy potions of hope and happiness as it vaporises, … Continue reading As it penetrated.


A fellow with empty casque.

  I always sit with my back to the window. It pleasured me to listen to the strange wild sounds, A variety of them, making my evenings harmonious; Leaves, birds, insects, and frogs Occasionally macaques, making creepy noises; A beauty had come calling this evening! At the bifurcation of a thin old snag, There perched, … Continue reading A fellow with empty casque.


  There are those days, Rainy and cold Surrounded by people and Wrapped in my own arms Too saturated to deal with the world And with a mountain of work on my head Wishing for miracles to help me drift away Yet, staying rooted in my spot Smiling and chatting away, Until, I get the … Continue reading Blue

The daybreak panacea.

  An overcast morning! Waking up to the smell of petrichor And to the song of the warblers, Took me a minute to comprehend The preciousness of that moment; Arranging my coffee filter and Pouring the right amount of water, I listened to the symphony of  Drizzling rain, bird songs, and dripping decoction!

  Every time I step out of my world, I put on a mask and carry a few more with me. I call it my fitness because, It helps me live out there; Among people, with imagined norms, And manufactured dramatic scenarios. Few times, I need to change it frequently, Many a time, one is … Continue reading

Gods never run out of money.

Food and water. Check! Clothing and shelter. Check! Jewelry and furniture. Check! Socially active. Check! Glory and fame. Check! Poverty. Don't matter! Calamity. Don't matter! Recession. Don't matter! Global warming. Don't matter! Mortality. Ha ha, never heard of it! Created, protected and worshiped by us, If only, reality was given such a fuss!