Divine beam.

The chirrup of the mynas, Chorused with the babbles of the babblers Conducted by the shrills of the kingfisher Tuned to the hum of the bees And maintained by the buzz of the wasps The dragons roared and the damsels flitted. The scene was set for the graceful bowing out Of the world's biggest and … Continue reading Divine beam.


This is for her.

  I don't remember for what reason my mom scolded me that day, I just remember being sad. I ran to the terrace of the house to cry on my own, as I have always done. I didn't even hear her following me. She must have been about seven months old then. Her wet nose … Continue reading This is for her.


Initial days it appeared to be fine, Painful after effects were minor; As the dosage increased, It left a trail of mental agony and tears; Rehabilitation efforts proved pointless; But the aftermath of the dosage was curtailed, With proven benefits of joy and serenity; The addiction was still there No more an addiction, but a … Continue reading Addiction