Down it poured.

It was all over the air, A tension, an increasing pressure; Which was an ominous feeling to bear, As the clouds gathered for a closure. The two days has been the same With restlessness of the air, so sultry; As unresolved conflicts went aflame Importance of affected egos turned paltry; Just an hour after night … Continue reading Down it poured.


Random rants.

The reason for friends to exist  Is for that little space below their face; When dragged towards earth, not due to gravity, But by the weight of the tears or laughter; You let your head fall hoping to hit the ground Instead, it rests on those scapular bones, Which you knew to be always structured … Continue reading Random rants.

The heart is a proxy for the untamed deed of the mind, A dummy and a sad one at that; When mind gets murky in the hormonal soup Between the crossfire of crazy neurons,  Arbitrary cravings for salt and sugar, and Shifting thoughts of passion and apathy; The caged heart takes the blame, Still beating … Continue reading