As I sit by the fireplace and gaze at the mountains outside, Ranging far and wide, of various sizes and shape, The western horizon takes a deep red hue The horizon is so crimson that it pierces your eyes and reaches your heart triggering a number of emotions. The moon, almost full, has come up … Continue reading


The 5 a.m. moon

Most people write about the beautiful moon that brightens the night About how it is romantic for the ones who found romance About how it is a sad reminder for the ones with lost love About how it is melancholic for the loners waiting for love But when I look at the 5 a.m. moon, … Continue reading The 5 a.m. moon

Merciless, but benevolent; Tantalising, but charismatic; Perilous, but alluring; I felt her pulse, Calm and intense! I am unable to comprehend My orientation of it, to a woman Is it the well-fitting pride? Or, the fiery stoic nature? Maybe, the majestic curves? Probably, all of these! The time I spent with her was ephemeral, But … Continue reading


I saw them ganging up, They were black and highly charged. The western horizon seemed indignant, Almost expressing mockery for basking. Steadily they were approaching, Made me take a moment and, Feel the awe and fear. After a few minutes of dead stillness, I heard one drop on the roof top. Probably the last distinguishable … Continue reading Showered.