Fruits of life.

I was waiting for it to mature.

I loved the tree from its birth, 
It was a beautiful surprise!

And the mangoes it gave me, 
Tastiest in the whole wide world!

It didn't turn yellow, as most mangoes do, 
But it ripened into a beautiful dark green fruit.

Finally I found one, a few feet above me. 
I half climbed the tree to pluck it.

Washing it under hot tap water, 
I felt its soft flesh moving under my fingers.

I dug my teeth on one side of the fruit, 
'Eee ah..! Sour!', captivating sourness filled my mouth.

I still wanted more of it and peeled it off completely,
And bit on the other side, juices dripping. 
'Oh good heavens..! Sweet!', surgery flesh kindled pleasure points of my mouth.

I stopped suddenly and mused,
'Is this mango teaching me the subtle essence of life?'

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