It’s called Coffee.

Waking up as Mr/Miss Sulk, 
One sip turns you into Mr/Miss Hulk

A number of relationships, 
Have been beautifully nurtured or severed, 
Over a cup of this concoction.  
Many a sad event has lost its intensity, 
In its hot presence. 
Lots of worldly problems has found a solution,      
When it streams in the brain. 

Even in its worst form, 
It brings a smile on your face.

It can be sweet or bitter
Or bittersweet
It can be dark or fair 
Or brown
It can creamy or watery 
Or milky 
It's like the very essence of life, 
Contained in mug. 

You can take it in anyway you want to. 
You can change the way you take it too. 
You can feel in different ways about it.
But you always know you want to take it, 
Because it is yours and only yours. 
And that makes all the difference.

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