Bovine encounter.

Widely known for being yama’s(God of death) vahan , I stood facing this big black male Indian Gaur, with horns that could tear my bones apart and with hooves that could drill a hole through my heart. I stood there frozen, with sweat trickling down my forehead. I thought, ‘Is yama hovering around?’. I wanted to move and yet I could not. We caught each other’s eyes for a few seconds. Suddenly, exhaling deeply, the Gaur raised his forelimbs, turned around and dashed  away through thick vegetation, leaving behind a temporary dust storm. It took me quite some time for the sound of the squealing babblers to enter my head and release the pause button on my brain and make my limbs move. Turning around, I ran for the next half kilometre, as if the earth was giving away at my heels. Woah!

When I thought about this incident as I drove back home, I felt this much deeper attraction of the wild. I remembered hearing a subtle yet deep call.


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