She looked up at him, so parched

All brown and hot, with a face so torched. 

All the smoke and hatred, veiled 

His gaze which was filled with love that never failed. 

People never knew that their love is unstoppable

But kept meddling to fill their desires, which were unquenchable.

He was patient knowing she held his love deep inside her, 

She was patient being his whole world, in which he would not err, 

Mocking their love and testing their significance, 

People were destined to feel his magnificence.

Which came down as heavy showers of love for her, 

Which consecrated their existence for each other.

Which incited all creatures to prosper.

Which taught people, lessons of valor. 

And thus, the scenes unfolded each time,

When he, Sky, made love to her, Earth. 



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