Top of the World

I had been watching the actions of a group of six peafowls and two white-browed wagtails, all perched on the same wall of the terrace of a house. A few crows were hovering above them.  It was like watching a bunch of  strangers in a social gathering, lolling about alone but together. Right beside me in the garden, squabbling about like parliamentarians wanting to draw imaginary lines on earth to divide properties and resources, were the mynahs and babblers, probably having the same kind of squabble about the garden’s insects and worms(who were openly loitering around as it had rained recently). Suddenly, a pair of rose-ringed parakeets flew right above me, screeching like desperate souls in search of a purpose.

                     That’s when I lifted my head up and looked at the vast sky, a clear blue evening sky. The outline of two thin ‘V’ shaped figures, similar to the ones we draw to denote birds when we were kids, were soaring high. Raptors! I couldn’t make out which species they were,  probably black kites. When you think about them all,the raptors, they seem to have a world of their own. High above all living souls, gliding down once Black kitesin a while. They were like the rulers of the world(if there was one). You get the feeling that they can see everything that happens below and yet they do not care about the common birds with their common activities having their common spars and common rituals, unless and until it is their yummy prey. What a life they must living – towering high above, feeling the cool wind on the face and not a care in the world. Following these musings, it was amusing to think that these are the ones rightfully entitled to sing, ‘I’m on the top of the world, looking down on creations!’


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