‘Ah! Some more, please. I want you inside me.’

Every time I say this, the world around me becomes a blur. My focus is on one thing and, one thing only. It happens at those times when I let a piece of that dark chocolate (mostly Bourneville) inside my mouth. The way it glides over my tongue, mixing with the juices, simultaneously, hitting all the pleasure points in my mouth and finally sliding down food pipe and, after that, I don’t really focus on what happens because there is another piece of that heavenly cocoa concoction in my mouth.

Out of the many things I’m proud about in India, the variety of cuisine is one of the chief things. Spicy, sweet, soothing, appetizing, intoxicating – you name the emotion and you experience it from the foods consumed in my country. When it is a really good meal, the pleasure derived from devouring it is the most sensational, realistic and overwhelming pleasures and more often belittled. Fortunately, I have experienced ‘eatopia’ (the pleasure of eating) quite a good number of times. Usually, I do not talk to the people who accompany me for a meal and when I do, it is about the food I am eating or how I can twist its taste and a get a new one out of it.

Most people whom I’ve met, most of the times, eat food because they have to and there are a few who even forget to eat food in spite of having the means to do so. I’m not really sure if being a biology student made my mind up to it, but I make sure not miss my meals (besides exceptional situations) which would lead to troublesome times with my gastrointestinal mates, because they are my wingman the next time I have a date with a food item and an upset wingman is a terrible wingman.

For me, food is not just about having meals sustaining a healthy life. I consider it one of the greatest inventions that human minds have created and cooking is an ever evolving art that can never be disrespected. Each ingredient that goes in food has a purpose and all the ingredients collectively achieve a purpose and this, I consider, is the best way a human society can function.

Happy eating! 🙂

PS: Always remember that your mind and your body are the only greatest possession which belongs to you and the food that you eat either makes it or breaks it.



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