Only coffee can.

I'm drinking coffee now Recognising the pain inside my head; Could be the alcohol last night or, Just my mind aching to express As each sip moves past my heavy throat The caffeine courses through my veins Making me mournful and sad; My heart mourns and my mind saddens As I get to the last … Continue reading Only coffee can.


The fullness of emptiness

Sure, full of leaves, a tree looks grandoise Green, fertile, and significant Like a mind full of ideas, wants, and despairs Then comes a subtle blankness A period of lull and peace A serene dormancy Like the beauty of a snag in the fading light It remains as a hopeful beacon For the coming fresh … Continue reading The fullness of emptiness


Drown in a sea of sorrow? Why not in a sea of happiness? Why a sea at all?  The grandness of its depth; The firmness of its evocation; The saltiness of its nature; All of these are the attributes That I reason out with myself Whenever I end my pilgrimage, On the sandy shores of … Continue reading Sea.

Solid Words

There is something palliating about writing; When thoughts turn into words, And appear all artsy over a paper There is the act of expression  That feels intimately rewarding  Somehow words that travel in air Seems less accepted and more aggressive Than the words that are imprinted on, the pulp of a tree or, the softened … Continue reading Solid Words