Alluring rain!

So, did I say about the magic of rain? As the wet mud gets layered with the fallen mango flowers, The smell emanating is seraphic; There are beautiful shades of black,  Painted on the atmosphere. The symphony of the pitter-patter rain drops, And the movement of rolling clouds With the accompaniment of thunderous thunder; Makes … Continue reading Alluring rain!


Rain filled juicy fruits.

The soggy dried leaves under my feet As I step on them slowly, Reminds me of velvet and silk. The drizzles seemed to clean the air, Steadily and thoroughly . Then lightening flashed through the canopy As I stood there posing with a wide grin; Almost in appreciation, the the thunder clapped Sending a set … Continue reading Rain filled juicy fruits.


Initial days it appeared to be fine, Painful after effects were minor; As the dosage increased, It left a trail of mental agony and tears; Rehabilitation efforts proved pointless; But the aftermath of the dosage was curtailed, With proven benefits of joy and serenity; The addiction was still there No more an addiction, but a … Continue reading Addiction

Merciless, but benevolent; Tantalising, but charismatic; Perilous, but alluring; I felt her pulse, Calm and intense! I am unable to comprehend My orientation of it, to a woman Is it the well-fitting pride? Or, the fiery stoic nature? Maybe, the majestic curves? Probably, all of these! The time I spent with her was ephemeral, But … Continue reading