A bottle of water.

Its not that the bottle of water does not react Like a bottle of soda, when shaken; It does experience turbulence, Tiny whirlpools, mostly unseen; But, it always calms down! When the world outside stirs up storm, It is the tendency to conjure inner peace That becomes the serene strength!


Solid Words

There is something palliating about writing; When thoughts turn into words, And appear all artsy over a paper There is the act of expression  That feels intimately rewarding  Somehow words that travel in air Seems less accepted and more aggressive Than the words that are imprinted on, the pulp of a tree or, the softened … Continue reading Solid Words

The heart is a proxy for the untamed deed of the mind, A dummy and a sad one at that; When mind gets murky in the hormonal soup Between the crossfire of crazy neurons,  Arbitrary cravings for salt and sugar, and Shifting thoughts of passion and apathy; The caged heart takes the blame, Still beating … Continue reading